J. Johnson

I’m writing this from my new family room

Okay, the furniture isn’t new – but the family room is. And it literally feels like a family room – this place feels like home!

I don’t remember for sure when I first contacted Reed Wilson – but my guess is that it was about six months ago. I was living in Raleigh, NC – in my bachelorette pad – but tinkering with the idea of moving to Mechanicsville, VA.

One hitch in the plan was that I didn’t know a soul in the area, and certainly not a realtor. I was referred to Reed who, as it turned out, was on the complete opposite side of Richmond as Mechanicsville.

I fully expected him to bow out gracefully – nobody wants to drive that far week in and week out. However, after one phone call – we were both sold on the idea of working together.

Reed got a complete handful with our situation. I was moving from Raleigh and in with my fiancé (Rich) and his two kids. Our plan was to buy a larger house in Mechanicsville, but only after my house sold in Raleigh. Rich brought with him 43 years worth of ‘stuff’ and I brought the same. We had to remain in the kids’ school districts. We needed about three times the space we had and yet came in with a potentially unrealistic budget.

For four months, Reed drove to and from Mechanicsville – often with only a day’s notice (I may be considered a The Wilson Group website stalker) – to see homes. We learned fairly early that homes did not stay on the market long in Mechanicsville and the pickings within the school district would have to be moved on quickly. We’d find a house we sort of liked, then another we kind of liked, then another that was pretty close. Reed kept right up with our indecisiveness and never balked at our desire to find the perfect house. He recognized our frustrations and kept us motivated – and also recognized when we needed a break here or there.

In December – we found it. THE house. My house in Raleigh hadn’t sold yet (obviously) – so Reed walked us through the contingency offer process. Again and again. Because no matter how many times he explained it, we just couldn’t quite understand it. Together we all waited – my house in Raleigh finally sold, my loan finally went through and today, we are home.

Reed has a perfect blend professionalism and friend-ism. He is extremely well-versed about the Richmond area market and the national trends. Reed is also very sensitive to his client’s needs and seems to know what is needed to provide the right motivation for the search. Reed was always available to us – and if he knew he might not be, he provided a backup plan. Once we selected our house and moved forward with it, Reed stayed right by our side to guide us through the buying process.

We would recommend Reed and The Wilson Group to everyone – and are thankful that we’ve not only gotten our dream home, but made a permanent friend in Reed.